Kourtney Hughes – Go Brooklyn 2012

As part of the Go Brooklyn showcase this weekend, I visited Kourtney Hughes at her studio. Kourtney is a sculpture MFA student at Pratt – her studio is in the basement of Stueban Hall. The reason I chose to visit studios at Pratt was partly due to convenience but also because as a comD undergraduate, the world of fine arts graduate studies is a bit of a mystery to me.

Kourtney told me that she mainly works on installation prototypes in her studio. She works in primarily installations in larger spaces and works with materials such as medical tubing, steel, and string.

At her studio, my favorite piece I saw was En Memoria, pictured below.



I don’t think it translates as well to photographs; what I was particularly struck by was the tension between the solid-shell like exterior that retains its cloth/stretch appearance. Kourtney constructed the piece from pantyhose which she then shellacked. She told me that this piece was a prototype for a larger sculpture; I would love to see a huge version of this and I can only imagine it as a giant insect cocoon.

She is currently working on pieces for an installation; the photo below shows her prototype in a smaller setting.


The pieces are created with steel that is wrapped in clear medical tubing bought from a shop in Chinatown. I am excited to follow Kourtney’s work and hope to see her installations in the future.

Kourtney Hughes Website


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  1. Very good! I am glad you chose to look at the work of a fellow student at Pratt. I like the pieces: the first one reminds me of Louise Bourgeois’s Filette. My only issue here is that it seems a bit short and I would like it if you can flesh out the experience a bit more. Maybe you can speak to the issue of the studio: what is it like to be invited into an artist’s private space? can you say something more about the installation piece photographed in the third photo?

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